Keeping You Healthy from Home


Here are some tips to ensure a successful visit:


  • eCheck-in is required and available up to three days before your appointment
  • Log in to the link that was sent to you in the reminder email to complete the eCheck-in prior to your appointment


  • Have a photo ID ready (examples include driver license or passport)
  • Have your insurance information


  • Make sure your device is plugged in or fully charged
  • Make sure you have a reliable WiFi connection
  • Have headphones available if you need privacy or are hearing impaired
  • If prompted, allow access to your camera and microphone

Time for your visit

Log in to your video 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment and follow the steps below:

Find a quiet, well-lit space where you're less likely to be interrupted

Test your WiFi, video and audio

Log-in to your email account, locate your scheduled appointment on the and click the Launch Video Visit button

Note: You may be billed for any out-of-pocket costs, such as co-pay, deductible or coinsurance based on your health insurance plan.

Having Trouble?

Ensure you have a good WiFi or cell signal

If possible, try a different device (smart phone, computer, etc.)

Restart your device

If you are still having trouble, call us